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    What is Aronix®? 

    Aronix® is the brand name for special acrylic monomers and oligomers 
    developed by Toagosei Co., Ltd. Aronix® on the market includes special 
    acrylates, urethane acrylates, and polyester acrylates. 

    ・Special acrylates 

    Generally, this type has low viscosity, low irritation and excellent light curing. 
    Therefore, these acrylates are effective in lowering the viscosity of acrylic oligomers 
    and are used as a reactive diluent to improve the adhesiveness, heat-resistance, 
    hardness, and curing of acrylic oligomers.

    ・Urethane acrylates 
    This type has urethane bonding as its major chain, so its coating film is very tough. 
    It has good adhesiveness with various materials. 

    ・Polyester acrylates 
    This type has ester bonding as its major chain and two or more acrylic unsaturated 
    bonds in its molecule. It is easily liquidized at lower viscosities than other acrylic 
    oligomers and has good compatibility with other polymers or oligomers.