ARON CERAMIC is an one-component, heat-curing, heatresistant inorganic adhesive and/or filler. With fire-resistant ceramics such as Alumina and inorganic polymers as the main ingredients, it is excellent for heat-resistance.
ARON CERAMIC E, D, C’s have different linear thermal expansion coefficient. Please choose the grade close to the linear thermal expansion coefficient of the material to be bonded
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Item #

Main Ingredient

Viscosity (25°C/77°F)

Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient (°C) 0-600°C at Average

Linearity Expansion Ratio



AC051 N/A Zirconium-silica N/A 50000 mPa.s N/A 4 x 10-6 N/A Small N/A Cordierite, heat resistant N/A 150g, 1kg
AC021 N/A Alumina N/A 50000 mPa.s N/A 8 x 10-6 N/A Medium N/A Bauxite rutile ceramics, N/A 150g, 1kg
AC011 N/A Silica N/A N/A 13 x 10-6 N/A Large N/A Carbon steel, stainless N/A 150g, 1kg
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